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IT Security

Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)
Second Offense Page


You are visiting this page because a content owner has sent the North Dakota University System a notice of copyright infringement, a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice, that attaches to an IP (Internet Protocol) address and/or a computer system registered in your name, and this is the second time we have received such a notice regarding a computer registered in your name.

From the perspective of the University of North Dakota, the allegation is that you violated the UND Student Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy and its provisions regarding honoring intellectual property rights. 

You must complete the following information and click submit at the bottom of this page. After your response is reviewed and approved, your access to the UND network will be restored.

If you would like instructions on how to disable file sharing on common peer to peer applications, please visit


UND email address:
Phone number (optional)

Please check one of the following:

or have discontinued sharing the material, that the material will remain off the UND network, and that I will refrain from such activity in the future.

If you checked the above box, you must also complete the following and check the boxes acknowledging completion.
Read the information on the following website: IT Security File-Sharing
View the video: What Do You Think: a documentary on intellectual property and file sharing
Take the quiz: DMCA Quiz

(If this option is chosen, the IT Security Officer will contact you to provide further instructions)

(If this option is chosen, an investigation may be initiated to verify the claim).

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